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South Brent Primary School


Welcome to Foundation 2019-20!


Take a look at the exciting learning that happens in Foundation! Clicking on the stars below will allow you to access supporting documents and relevant information about the Early Years Foundation Stage at South Brent Primary School. 

Spring A - Buildings and Constructions From Around The World

Buildings and constructions from around the world...


Autumn B - Space

Nativity 2019 - Wriggly Nativity

Christmas crafts with our special people

Phonics so far...

Listening to Julia Donoldson Stories

Our Space Home Projects

Autumn A - Fairy Tales


Gardening! 1
Gardening! 2

Adventure Playground Fun!

Our Journey Through Phonics and Writing...

Our Extreme Reading Challenge


Our Journey Through Foundation 2018-2019 

Summer B 2018-19 - Under the Sea!

South Brent Submarine!

Summer A 2018-19 - Space!

Class Assembly - SPACE!

Home Projects - Space

Spring B 2018-19 - The Jungle 

Music with Megan

Balance and Coordination

Spring A 2018-19 - Buildings and Constructions

Home Projects - Famous Buildings and Constructions

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Nativity - Hey Ewe

Extreme Reading Champions!

Autumn B 2018-19 - People Who Help Us

Autumn A 2018-19 - Topic : Autumn 


2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor