South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School


Congratulations everybody, we can see that you all have logged onto Numbots in the past week!

We hope that you are having some fun with it as well as improving your knowledge of number facts. 

Ongoing Activity:
Friday 24th April 2020

It's Friday so it must be time for some more number puzzles and challenges!


There are three different puzzles for you today. They vary in difficulty (1 being the most challenging).

You only need to complete one but as always, you can do more if you're bored.


Option 1

Coded Hundred Square. This challenge uses symbols to create a pattern. Your job is to crack the code and re-assemble the puzzle pieces. This can be done on-screen or you can print it off if you prefer.


Option 2

Kieron's Cats. This requires knowledge of subtraction facts within 20.


Option 3

Crossword. You could revise some basic addition and subtraction facts with this task.

 Thursday 23rd April 2020

Today's task involves Roman numerals.


There are some resources for you to look at before you begin answering any questions. One of the resources is a song that might help you to remember the different values, the other is a website. You don't have to use both but have a quick look at them before you decide which best suits your style of learning.


There are two levels of task to choose from. Whichever task that you choose, complete a minimum of 10 questions in any order.


If you wanted an additional challenge, write your date of birth using Roman numerals.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Your task today is linked to place value. There is a choice of two different levels of task to complete and an on-line game for you to try, in order to get your minds warmed-up!



Click on the link below to play the game. Once you select 'Play', click -10 to 10 for the easier option and -50 to 50 for the harder version. 


Once you've opened the game, click the ‘show divisions’ button at the bottom to see the scale which makes it easier. Then, move the flag to the correct place along the number line. You can play for points but don’t feel that you have to.


Main Task

For your main task, choose any 4 questions from the 7 to answer. I don’t expect you to print out the sheets.

Use a ruler to draw the number lines, taking care to mark out the scale evenly. Finally, place the numbers indicated in the correct place along the number line.

Tuesday 21st April 2020

There are two different tasks to choose from today. You only need to complete one of them. Both tasks are linked to place value. Each pair of values that you compare are shown using different units of measurement. To make it easier to decide which is the greatest value, you will need to make sure that they are both represented using the same unit of measurement so you will need to do some converting first.

For example:

Which is the greatest amount?  28 days or 5 weeks?

There are 7 days in a week so 5 x 7 = 35 days

Therefore, 5 weeks is the greater value.


Each task has 30 questions. You only need to answer 15 questions (in any order you want). If you want to answer more, feel free to do so.

Both tasks include the answers on p.2 so no checking them first.

Monday 20th April 2020


Your task today is to spend some time working on your number facts. I want you to log into TT Rock Stars, select Numbots and spend some time (a minimum of 15 minutes) in the 'Story' section. 

After that, spend the next 20 minutes or so in the 'Challenge' zone.

Good luck! I will have a look at your stats. tomorrow to see how each of you have done.


If you felt that you wanted to work on some more Maths skills, use TT Rock Stars to work on your recall of times tables.

Friday 17th April 2020

Today, there is a choice of two different Maths challenges. If you want to, you can try both.

If you choose the Nrich Fraction challenge, click the solution tab to reveal the possible answers.

As the other challenge is a PDF document, I can't show you the answers because it is protected. However, you could politely ask a parent/ carer or an older sibling to check it through for you.

Thursday 16th April 2020
For today's learning, answer questions 1,3 and 5. If you feel like a challenge, carry on and complete 7, 8 and 9.
Wednesday 15th April 2020
To make the recording of today's learning easier, skip question 2. I would like you to complete up to and including question 6. Once you've reached that point you can stop. However, if you feel that you want to carry on and complete the rest of the questions, feel free to do so. 
Tuesday 14th April 2020

Click the link below.

Select Lesson 1- Make a whole

Friday 27th March 2020

Here is Friday's challenge- Countdown.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the T.V. game show, I have included an outline of the basic rules and the aim.

If you find this too challenging, log into Numbots and spend more time working on your addition and subtraction skills.

Thursday 26th March 2020
If you had completed Subtraction (B) yesterday, the answers are below along with more questions for today. 
Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March 2020

There are two separate subtraction sheets. Before you begin your tasks, please look at both to see which set is best suited to you. If you choose sheet (A), complete half of the questions on Wednesday and the other half on Thursday. The answers are on page 2 of the sheet. Use this to see how you have done (but, as before, no cheating).

However, if you choose sheet (B), answer all of the questions. The answers will be uploaded on Thursday, along with another set of questions.

Monday 23rd  and Tuesday 24th March 
There are two separate addition sheets. Before you begin your tasks, please look at both to see which set is best suited to you. Once you have decided, complete half of the questions on Monday and the other half on Tuesday. The answers are on page 2 of each sheet. Use this to see how you have done (but no cheating smiley).