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Ongoing Activity:
TT Rockstars - Try to practise your times tables at least three times a week. Remember to work on your accuracy first and then increase your speed. 

Monday 23rd March 


For maths today I would like you to complete the questions from either the bronze, silver or gold Primary 5-a-day sheets.  Pick the one you feel most able to complete but don't be afraid to challenge yourself.  I will put the answers up tomorrow.  Best of luck!


You could also play the fraction matching game by clicking on the link below - have fun!


Here are the answers to Monday's 5-a-day maths questions.  I hope you did ok - have look at the answers and the method used if you you struggled with any of the questions.

Tuesday 24th March 

Today I would like you to revise some of the work we have done recently on adding fractions.  There are two sets of questions - the first is adding fractions with the same denominator (easier) and the second is adding fractions with different denominators (harder).  I don't expect you to do all of the questions today but try to pick a selection from the sheet you choose.  There is also a video link if you want a reminder of how to do it and a link to an adding fractions game.  Happy adding and subtracting! 



Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator

Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators

Wednesday 25th March

Morning Year 5 - hope you got on well with the fractions work. I have included the answers to the questions that I set yesterday - I would like you to check your answers and then pick some new questions from the next sheet or, if you found it a bit tricky, try some similar questions from the same sheet.  The apply questions on page 2 should really check your understanding. 

Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator - answers

Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators - answers

Thursday 26th March

This morning I would like you to continue our work on fractions - we are now going to move on to finding fractions of amounts.  As for the previous two days, I have put a link to a video, showing you how to find fractions of numbers.  It shows you how to use bar models, which will help you find the fractions of amounts - you may also need to use you knowledge of division for larger numbers.  


There is also a game to help you practise finding fractions of amounts.  

Today I have put the questions and answers so that if you get stuck you can see where you went wrong.  There are lots of questions again but I only expect you to complete a selection. Why not try a few, mark them and then try some more.  Best of luck. 

Finding fractions of amounts questions

Finding fractions of amounts answers

Fractions of amounts game

Friday 27th March

Today I would like you to have a bit more practice at finding fractions of amounts.  If you found it a bit difficult then you can look back at the video to remind yourself how to do it.  You could also pick a few of the easier questions from yesterday's sheet and use the answers to check that you are doing it correctly.  


I have also given you some fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions below which I would like you to complete.  If you feel really confident then just do a couple of the fluency problems before doing the reasoning.  If you feel a bit less confident then try doing all of the fluency problems.


There are also some extra challenges which can be found on the powerpoint below.  

Have fun! 

2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor