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Thursday 23rd April to Monday 27th April 2020


Over the next few days, we are going to carry out a design project to make a sail boat from recycled materials. Look at the document  for further details.  Keep going with your life skills.  Enjoy your boat designing.  Hopefully,. I may be able to see some of them soon!


Life Skills

Putting the shopping away

After your adult has been to the shop and bought lots of lovely food for you to eat, why not help them to put the shopping away. This will help you to learn where everything is kept. Your adult may also have reasons for keeping certain items in certain places, you could ask them to explain.


Life Skill-Making your bed.

Make your bed in the mornings.

This will make your bed look clean and tidy.

Fold your duvet back on itself.

Fold your nightclothes (pyjamas or nightie) and put them underneath your pillow.

While the duvet is folded back, run your hand and arm over your sheet, this will help to smooth out any wrinkles.

Now fold your duvet back so it covers your bed. You may wish to pick it up by the sides and shake it. You may also wish to leave it folded back for a while to air your bed, then complete this step later in the day.


Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Today we will be looking at the artist  Alfred Wallis. Open up the document to find out what to do.

Tuesday 21st April 2020



Wider Curriculum

Last term, we did some salsa dancing as part of our South America topic.  We looked at the Rio carnival but never got round to doing any samba dancing, which is the main dance at the Rio carnival.  Watch the video clip as many times as you need, to learn the steps and add more of your own.  Practise, practise, practise and impress your family with your samba dancing.

Samba Dancing-

Peace Out

Calm yourself after all that dancing with some relaxation. Just follow the instructions on the video.


Monday 20th April 2020


Ship in a bottle (instructions below).


Friday 17th April

Let's get started with a bit of Yoga with Cosmic Kids - Popcorn and the Pirates 


Below are some examples of flag designs from famous pirates. In the table below, you can find out what some of the symbols on the flags mean as they carry very important messages and 'warnings' to other oncoming ships. Can you use the table to work out what some of the flags mean? 




Symbol Meaning
Red Pirate Flag Warning sign for no mercy
Skull and Bones Death
Bleeding Heart Slow painful death awaits you
Edward Low (red skeleton) Torment with eventual death
Hourglass Symbol Time is running thin
Nude Pirate Pirates with no shame
Clothed Pirate Most likely stood for pirate captain
Lifted Drinking Glass A toast to dying or to Satan
Horned Skeleton Satan
Weapons Incoming fight


Now, I would like you to have a go at designing your own pirate flag. Use some of the symbols above to help you. 


If you wish, you can use the template below for your flag.


Thursday 16th April 2020
Let's get started with a bit of Yoga with Cosmic Kids - Popcorn and the Pirates 

Watch the 'Pirate Song' video (you might know the song) – Pirate song (When I was one)


Learn the song and the actions that go with it.

The song on the video only goes up to when the pirate was 5 years old.

Can you add verses until the pirate was 10 years old.

If you already know the song up to when the pirate was 10 years old, change the words (in the first line).

Add actions to the verses you have made. Here is my go for when the pirate was 6 years old.


When I was six, I watched Netflix
The day I went to sea.
I jumped aboard a pirate ship
And the Captain said to me:
‘We’re going this way, that way,
Forwards backwards,
Over the Irish Sea.
A bottle of rum to fill my tum
And that’s the life for me’.


If you want, you could dress up in the hat and sword you made yesterday. You could also write the song down so you can remember it for later or perform it with actions for the rest of your family.

Wednesday 15th April 2020
Now it is time for you to become a pirate. Follow the attached instructions to make a pirate hat and sword (you might need an adult to help you with some of this). Give yourself a pirate name and have a go at speaking some pirate. Have a look around the house or even in the recycling for ideas of your own to make yourself more like a pirate. Remember to ask your grown ups first.

Tuesday 14th April 2020

As it is the beginning of a new topic, you are going to create a Pirates title page.  Ideally use the page before today’s maths and English work, but don’t worry if you didn’t save one, just use the next available page.


You could have the page landscape or portrait.  Write the word ‘Pirates’ in big letters in the middle of your page (make sure you spell it correctly!).  You can use bubble writing or any type of writing, as long as it is clear.  Colour it in neatly with colouring pencils.  You might want to do a border around your page.  Then decorate your page with anything related to pirates.  Have a think.  What could you include? 


Friday 26th March

Make 3 paper boats - Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta. Use the ships to talk about and retell Columbus's voyage to the Americas . It might be nice to do this in some water.


Instructions for Paper Boat-

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well. I received a phone call from Ken the Koala last night telling me that one of the stick insects had escaped. Draw a map of your area, showing the route from your house to school so you can give the stick insect a map if he knocks on your door asking how to get home.

Mr Stephenson


The map below might help you.

Wednesday 25th March 2020
Task-Follow the instructions to make the jungle lizard (support required).

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Task-To design a set of 1 minute exercises.

Open the 'Exercise' document and read the instructions.

Open the 'Exercise Recording' document and copy the table to your books. You can either write or draw your results.

Monday 23rd March  2020

Watch the Rio Carnival video and design your own carnival float and/or costume.