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South Brent Primary School

Wider Curriculum

Monday 23rd March 2020

The sun is going to shine this week, so it is a perfect opportunity to learn about plants and the seasons!


L.O. Identify and name some common plants including deciduous and evergreen trees.

An activity to do sometime over the next few days.


What do deciduous and evergreen mean?  Which season are we in?


Have a look outside in your garden, or ideally go for a walk and look at the trees.  Find at least one deciduous and one evergreen tree.  How are they different?  What do you notice about their branches?  Can you see any new growth? 


When you get home, draw and label it in your home learning book. 


Remember the trees you have chosen, as we would like you to return to those trees, if possible, throughout the seasons to see how they change.


Note for parents:  Although we would love our year ones to get outside where possible, we obviously need to ensure that we all practise social distancing, and adhere to constantly evolving government advice.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


If you haven’t yet managed to do so, go outside and look at deciduous and evergreen trees, as per the activity yesterday.




Then, let's do some drawing!  Find two very different leaves and look at them closely.  How are they different?  Are they a different shape, colour, texture?  See if you can find out the name of the plant they come from and then very carefully draw each one with a pencil.  Keep looking at the leaf and draw slowly and carefully.  Can you see its veins where water and other nutrients travel up the leaf?  Enjoy.


Also, have a go at Joe Wicks’ PE lesson live on YouTube at 9am each morning. A great way to get your day started.  You can always play it later if you miss it at 9am.

Wednesday 25th March 2020


I took this photo of a tree yesterday afternoon.  Is it deciduous or evergreen?    How do you know?

Picture 1

Yes, you’re right!  It is deciduous.  Deciduous trees, such as oak and horse chestnut, lose their leaves in the autumn, have bare branches during the winter and begin to grown new leaves in the spring.  Whereas, evergreen trees, like holly and fir, are green all year round.  Can you see the evergreen tree in the background?

Picture 1

And this is a picture of a branch of the horse chestnut tree by the river from which we get all those beautiful conkers in the autumn!  Can you see the new leaves beginning to grow on this deciduous tree?  Keep an eye on this tree, as well as the trees you have drawn, to see how they change during the seasons.



How did you get on with your observational drawings of leaves yesterday? 


Today, we are going to have some fun with art.  You are going to be taught how to draw ‘Gregosaurus’ by the author and illustrator Rob Biddulph!

Enjoy being creative. smiley  Perhaps you can design your own cartoon dinosaurs afterwards.


Use this link to access the lesson:

Also, Joe Wicks’ PE lesson live on YouTube at 9am each morning, or do it later if you prefer. yes

Thursday 26th March 2020


We are going to start our wider curriculum activities by doing some yoga, so that we can strengthen our bodies whilst enjoying a story: Popcorn and the Pirates – a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.

For the last two afternoons of term we are going to do some Easter activities.

At Easter we think of new life, as Christians believe that Jesus rose again (came back to life) at Easter. 

What do you think of when you think of Easter?  You probably said chocolate Easter eggs!  You might also have said chicks and bunnies, and some of you may have said spring flowers such as daffodils.


Let’s make an Easter card for you to give to someone on Easter day.  You can make it however you like, using whatever paper or card you have at home. 

I have attached a link which you could print out and use, or, if you can’t print out, it might give you some ideas. 

Or you could cut out some egg shapes and then decorate them with line patterns which I know you are so good at, and then stick your patterned eggs onto your card.  Here’s some pictures to give you ideas.


We will write the message inside tomorrow afternoon so just aim to get the picture on the front finished today.  Have fun and do remember to tidy up afterwards!


Remember, don’t get too excited – Easter isn’t until Sunday 12th April.  Look on a calendar and count how many days you need to wait!

Friday 27th March 2020


We are going to start our wider curriculum activities by doing some more yoga: Squish the Fish – a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.

Let’s finish our Easter cards by writing the message inside.  Plan what you are going to write on a scrap piece of paper and ask a grown-up to check your spelling.  Freddo has decided to send his card to his ‘Gran and Grandpa Frog’  and so he has planned to write in his neatest handwriting………


To Gran and Grandpa


Happy Easter


Love from

Freddo xxx


Then write your message in your neatest handwriting inside the card.  How about decorating the border?


Now you’ll need to remember to post your card in time for Easter, if you are sending it to someone not in your house, or if you are giving it to someone at home – I suggest you hide it, but remember where you put it!


Additional Easter activities


I've attached some Easter colouring, dot to dots and word searches for you to enjoy.  Each attachment has several pages, so just choose the sheet or sheets you want to print.


Also, check out Mr Stephenson's page linked below for his latest wider learning activity about Christopher Columbus. He has tasked his class to make the three ships Columbus set sailed with on his voyage. Can you make the ships and retell the story too? 


You could also make a junk model ship out of any recycled boxes you have. Get creative and crafting! 


2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor