South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Answers to previous assignments

Friday 27th Apostrophes for contraction answers:


We hope you did well with the apostrophes for contraction task and enjoyed using the contracted words in some sentences.  The beady-eyed amongst you will have spotted the answers on the the second sheet but if you didn't, that is where they are!  




Answers for Thursday's activities


Activity 1


1. This is Joe’s hat.

2. Andy likes to sit behind the driver’s side in the car.

3. The lady’s car had broken down.

4. Pete’s dog had been missing for two weeks. 

5. Sarah borrowed David’s ball.

6. Andrew’s house is next door to Freddie’s.


Activity 2


1. The house belonging to Steve – Steve’s house

2. The mother of Isabel = Isabel’s house

3. The photos that belong to Mary = Mary’s house

4. The book that belongs to James = James’ house OR James’s house

2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor