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Ongoing Activity:

Spelling shed, reading - lots of it!!!!, keep a diary, SATs papers

Friday 24th April

Hello! So, today's task is to look back through the story so far and to find some examples of descriptive writing that you think is particularly effective. I'd like you to record the five you think are most effective in your books. 


Weekend reading...

Can you please read the next two chapters of the book ready for Monday morning! 

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning! Today I would like you to continue reading the next chapter of 'Black Beauty' - 'Ginger's story continued'. We now know quite a lot about the characters of Beauty and Ginger. Today I would like you to write a first-person diary extract from the perspective of one of these two characters.In your extract, I'd like you to show what the character thinks of the other. For example; if you choose to write about Beauty then you would be writing about what Beauty thinks and feels about Ginger. If you choose to write about Ginger, you would be writing about what Ginger thinks of Beauty. Remember to include all the features I will be looking for in your writing!

  • A wide range of punctuation (including semi-colons!)
  • Use of expanded noun phrases (adjectives, prepositions and relative clauses!)
  • A range of sentence types-accurately! (remember YOU CAN NOT JOIN TWO MAIN CLAUSES WITH A COMMA!)
  • Start sentences in different way including with fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses.
  • Try to write in the same style as the author - this is tricky due to the age of the text but have a go! 


Next week,we are moving to use a different system for home learning which means I will finally be able to look at some of your work! I cant wait to read it!

Miss Berry 

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning Y6! Today I would like you to read the next two chapters of Black Beauty - 'Liberty' and 'Ginger'. I would like you to think very carefully about what you have read about Ginger and about whether this helps to to better understand her.I would then like you to add to the character diagram that you did earlier. If you don't have room to add more details (and there's a lot in this chapter!), then you can create a new one.

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning! Today I would like you to read the next chapter of 'Black Beauty' - 'A Fair Start'. As you are reading,I would like you to find evidence from the text that suggests Beauty is loved and well-cared for in his new home. You will need to find at least five pieces of evidence (there is a lot more!) and record it in your book using quotes from the text to support you. 

Monday 20th April

Good morning Y6! Today I would like you to read the next chapter of Black Beauty - Birtwick Park- in which Beauty moves to his new home away from his mother. I would like you to think about the two characters we have met in this chapter - Ginger and Merrylegs. For each one, I would like you to create a spider diagram including as much information as you can about each character. If you want, you can sketch a picture of how you imagine each horse to look in the centre of your diagram. 

Friday 17th April


Today I would like you to read chapter 3 of Black Beauty 'My Breaking In'. There are quite a few technical horsey words in this one so you might need to look them up (unless you are Lucy or Isobel in which case you probably already know!). The chapter talks about all the different things Beauty had to learn about in order for him to be safely ridden and driven by people. I'd like you to use the information from the chapter to write a set of instructions about how to break-in a horse. One of the things that comes across really clearly in this chapter is the care and consideration that Beauty's owner takes when he first introduces Beauty to some of the equipment he will have to wear. make sure your instructions reflect this! You will need to use a range of adverbs and adverbial phrases to hep you.


Happy writing!

Thursday 16th April

Today I'd like you to read chapter two of Black Beauty and answer the following questions in your home learning books. Please write in full sentences.


1) What time of year did the 'circumstance' happen? What evidence does the writer give to support this?


2) What was it that first alerted the colts to the hunt?


3)What were they chasing and what happened to it?


4) How did Beauty feel about what he saw?


5) What does Beauty's mother think about 'this sport'?


6) What went wrong? Why?


7) What happened to the horse? Why do you think Beauty's mother was so disturbed?


8) What happened to the Squire's son?


9) What do you think Beauty felt about the whole event? What makes you think that?

Wednesday 15th April

Mr Malpas has found us a free link to the Black Beauty text. Today, I'd like you to read chapter 1 - 'My Early Home' and make notes on what we learn about Beauty from this chapter. I'd like  you to present your findings using a spider diagram (we've done this lots of times before in class - you know what to do!). As you read, I'd also like you to make notes of any examples of language that you do not understand. The text contains some archaic language and lots of language very specific to horses so there may well be lots of examples of words you have never come across before. When you come across an unknown word, I'd like you to add it to a 'Black Beauty' glossary and look up the meaning using a dictionary - you can use an online dictionary if you don't have one at home. 


You can access the text by clicking on this link



Tuesday 14th April

Look at the image below which is a copy of the front cover of the book 'Black Beauty' by Anna Sewell and read the brief synopsis. Using this information, I'd like you to make some predictions about what you think the book is going to be about. You might like to think about the following questions:

  • Who is the main character in the story?
  • What perspective is the book written from?
  • When was the story set? What makes you think this?
  • What do you think the story-line will be - what might happen?
  • Any other observations you may wish to make! (preferably lots!)

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell's famous autobiography of a horse was first published in 1877 

and is set in Victorian England. 


Black Beauty's moving story talks of his many and differing experiences at the hands of a number of different owners.Throughout the novel, Beauty faces a variety of challenges and his story is an emotional one at times. The overarching theme, however, is that the quality of Beauty's life depends entirely on his ownership...


"I have heard men say, that seeing is believing; but I should say the feeling is believing..."

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March

Good morning class! Today you are going to start work on writing your biography. I have posted below an example text for you to use as a model. If you scroll down, the text is annotated to show you which features of a biography you should be including and the spelling and grammar features I will be looking for. I will also post the Y5/6 spelling lists to encourage you to use some of these words in your writing. 

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning! Today's English task is to plan the biography text that you will be writing tomorrow. You will need to look at the answers you got to the questions you asked yesterday and start to put them into categories. You can organise your planning however you like - I would use a spider diagram (but you know me... I always do!) 

Headings you might like to use are:

early life

school and education

life events


later life


Tomorrow, i will post an example of a biography for you to use as a model to help you write your own. 




So, today's task is to use the questions you wrote yesterday to find out about the person about whom you are going to write. You need to ask them the questions and record their answers - remember the work we did on note-taking during the Junior Apprentice work! You could also film the person's responses or record them using a Dictaphone or phone. Please remember the importance of social distancing and use the phone or Facetime unless you are interviewing a person you live with! 


I hope you find out some interesting facts!


Miss Berry


This week, we are going to start work on a biography about one of your family members. Your task today is to think about which family member you might want to write about and to compile a list of at least 20 questions that you could ask them. It might be nice to think about an older relative who might be feeling a bit isolated - you will be able to ask them questions over the phone or via facetime etc.


Remember, a biography is the story of someone's life so you will need to think carefully about the questions you ask. You will need to find out about where and when they were born their childhood, interesting events in their lives, important things that they have lived through (such as a worldwide pandemic!) and perhaps what they feel are their greatest achievements. Write your questions in your home learning books.


Happy question writing-  bet you find out some really interesting thing about people you thought you knew well!