South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Life Skills

We know that you will all have more free time than usual at the moment so we have come up with lots of ideas to help you and your parents fill it.  We have grouped the skills and activities into six different areas:


Being independent

In the kitchen

Around the house

In the garden 

Out and about

This and that


We are not expecting every child to complete all the tasks and challenges.  Instead, spend some time looking at the different sheets and, with the help of your parent/carer, choose some that interest you and that you think you can achieve.  Some of the activities are one off (things you might do once) but others will hopefully become lifelong habits.  Some of the challenges will be quick to complete, others might take longer.  Most importantly, we hope that you will enjoy learning some new skills.  


We hope that when you are older you will remember this as a time when you learnt to do some different things and have experiences that you might not have had time for before.  


Finally, you must check that your parents/carers know what you are up to and can supervise you where necessary.


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