South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Life skills

Learning isn't all numbers and letters (crazy I know) so use this valuable time with family to practise and master some of the key skills you will use in everyday life.

Know your address and postcode!


Can you remember your address and postcode which you learnt at the beginning of year 1?  Have a go to see whether you know it, then check it with a grown-up and write it again.  It's always important to know where you live!



Laying the Table 


So, following on from your cooking skill before Easter, this week, you are going to learn to lay the table so that you can be helpful before you sit down with your family to eat dinner in the evening. 


Every day, I would like you to practise laying the table with all the tableware you need so that by the end of the week you can do it all by yourself (perhaps without being asked...?).


Follow these instructions to practise:


  1. Lay the plate on the table in front of the chair.
  2. Put the fork on the table to the left of the plate.
  3. The knife and spoon (if needed) go on the right side.
  4. Place the drinking cup just above the spoon.
  5. If you are having pudding in a bowl (like ice-cream or crumble), put another big spoon lying sideways above the plate. 
  6. Now invite everyone to the table — dinner is served!


You could draw out a little template page on a piece of paper first to practise with e.g... 



Happy laying the table! 



Get Cooking! 



Why not spend some time in the kitchen by helping prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner? 


You could make your own sandwich or pasta salad or your very own pizza, using this Jamie Oliver flatbread recipe as the base. Or what about scrambled egg or pancakes...? Yummy! 

Check out Jamie Oliver's Instagram Page to watch his son Buddy take you step-by-step through some recipes.  


Don't forget our learning this term on 'healthy eating' and the importance of having a balanced plate of food that includes all those different food groups. Do you remember what they are? 


Don't forget, the washing up is just as important as the cooking - have some water play and get scrubbing! 


Tying shoelaces!


Get the hang of this one and you'll be zooming across the playground in your new laced school shoes.


Take a look at this webpage for some helpful tips and tricks: