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South Brent Primary School


South Brent Primary School


Mathematics Statement of Intent


At South Brent, along with ensuring that our pupils are provided with a learning experience that meets or surpasses the requirements set out in the National Curriculum, we also aim to prepare our pupils to apply their Mathematical skills in the real world.




We aim to achieve this by giving our pupils the opportunity to develop their fluency through regular practise of their numerical facts whilst applying their reasoning skills so that they can recognise the most efficient method. The pupils at South Brent are expected to demonstrate a positive approach to Mathematics and see their learning not as individual lessons but as a continuous journey where links can be made to previous learning in order to solve problems.  We believe that as pupils develop their confidence, they will be better placed to make their own decisions on which strategy would enable them to successfully solve the problem that they are tackling.


Pupils are provided with opportunities to investigate hypotheses, test and challenge theories within a safe learning environment. They are encouraged to draw conclusions from their explorations. Pupils broaden their understanding of Mathematics through the use of the connective model. There is an expectation that precise Mathematical vocabulary is used to explain ideas to others, along with the appropriate resources and images to support their theories. These expectations apply to all pupils so that everyone feels that they are able to contribute to their own and other’s learning.



School will be open again on Friday 3rd November 2023