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South Brent Primary School


Ongoing Activity:

TT Rockstars - Online times-table practise.

Monday 23rd March 2020


Non-Unit Fractions

Look at both A and B non-unit fractions and decide which is right for you  (it may be a mixture of both). If you feel that the activities might be too tricky for you look the Year 1 maths activities. Where possible write out the questions and answers in your books. 

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Halves and quarters using bar models

Look at both A and B 'Halves and quarters of amounts' and decide which is right for you. Draw the bar models in your home learning books (use a ruler). Fill in the blank spaces in the bar models. Try the extension activity if you feel confident.






Wednesday 25th March 2020
Have look at the addition and subtraction sentences write 2 or 3 addition and 2 or 3 subtraction sentences from section A, B and C in your book. Try to show your working out particularly for section C. If you find section C tricky concentrate on section A and B . 

Parent Support

Bar Model-


Thursday 26th March 2020

Look at word problem sheets A, B and C and choose which is best for you. Try as many as you have time for. If A and B look too tricky, stick with C.


Remember to write the calculations you used to find the answer as well as using drawings, bar models and number lines.

Fred makes 3 plates of scones. There are 2 scones on each plate. How many scones did he make altogether?

2 2 2

3 x 2 = 6

Friday 27th March 2020


4         9      12


Choose one of these numbers and write as many number facts as you can e.g.




Remember to use addition , subtraction ,multiplication and fraction sentences.



2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor