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KS 1 Sports Day July 21

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Unit 34 Sports Day 21 - Part 1

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Unit 34 Sports Day 21 - Part 2

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Unit 56 Sports Day 21 - Part 2

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Dartmoor School Sport Partnership - Gymnastics Results

December 2020

Following on from the recent communication, South Brent Primary School would like to share the results of the latest Gymnastics events.


Name and Year Award

Level 1

(KEVICC Finals)

Level 2

(Partnership Finals)

Level 3

(Devon County Finals)

Maisie (Yr5/6) Platinum Champion Runner Up  
Connor (Yr5/6) Platinum Champion 6th  
Oscar (Yr5/6) Gold Champion Bronze Medal  
Emma (Yr5/6) Gold Champion Bronze Medal  
Sylvie (Yr5/6) Gold Champion 7th  
Neve (Yr5/6) Silver Champion Bronze Medal  
Thomas C (Yr5/6) Silver Champion 6th  
Euan (Yr5/6) Bronze Champion Runner Up  
Jocelyn (Yr5/6) Bronze Champion 4th  
Cooper (Yr5/6) Rookie Champion Bronze Medal  
Lilia (Yr3/4) Platinum Champion Champion Runner Up
Eva (Yr3/4) Gold Champion Champion Runner Up
James B (Yr3/4) Gold Champion Bronze Medal  
Martha (Yr3/4) Silver Champion Runner Up  
James C (Yr3/4) Bronze Champion Bronze Medal  
Theo (Yr3/4) Rookie Champion Runner Up  


Every KS2 child participated in the Gymnastics event which is the first time this has happened for any competitive event.  Every child will be receiving a certificate in the New Year.  In addition, medals will be handed out to all competitors that qualify from Levels 2 and 3.  We will celebrate these with the children in January when they arrive in the post.  Well done to everyone who took part in this event. 2020 has been a strange year but at least Dartmoor SSP and Active Devon could still put on a live competition that allowed the children to demonstrate the qualities that they possess.  The children really enjoyed returning to some form of competitive sport again!


Particular successes were seen with Lilia and Eva, both part of our Yr3/4 unit who both ended up as Devon County Runners Up in their award category.  Both girls worked so hard to achieve these awards and certainly deserve the recognition that they have received.  Well done girls, you have made everyone so proud! 

DSSP - Family Festive Activity Challenge

December 2020

After celebrating South Brent Primary School’s success in the Active Devon Virtual Games during the first lockdown as well as the recent Virtual Gymnastics event, Active Devon are launching a new virtual event that is open for the whole family household.


South Brent Primary School would like you to join us in being as active as we possibly can over a socially distant Christmas Holiday. Active Devon, who organise our school sporting events, are hosting a free Virtual Festive Family Activity Challenge this week and over the School Holidays for the whole family.


As part of the Festive Family event, you are invited to complete as many ‘active minutes’ as you can as a family over either 7, 14 or 21 days. These active minutes can be in the form of anything you like from

active play, to something more formal such as a run, a jog or a cycle. They can even be as easy as walking as a family whilst you are doing some Christmas shopping or walking the dog. The activity is designed to be easy to gain ‘active minutes’. Good Luck and Have Fun!


The event is currently open and will remain open until Monday 4th January 2021. When families have

completed their challenge, they must complete the online form in order to receive their certificates and medals for all family members who participated. Further information about this event and how to participate is available by clicking on the links below.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts this year and wish you and your families a Merry - and Active – Christmas break.

Devon Gymnastics County Finals

December 2020

During the past few weeks, every KS2 South Brent child has been learning and performing Gymnastic routines in their PE lessons.  Some of these performances have been assessed by judges virtually and compared with children in other Partnership schools.  Our children did superbly well and every recorded routine qualified for the Sports Partnership Finals.


Lilia and Eva, from our Year 3/4 unit were both crowned Partnership Champions and go on to represent both the School and the Partnership at the Devon Gymnastics County Finals in a live zoom event.  Our fingers are crossed girls! Good luck.

Devon Virtual Games - Task 6 (Andy Murray 100 volley challenge)

Monday 29th June 2020


Today should have been the start of Wimbledon 2020.  Andy Murray has set a task to see if you can complete a 100 shot volley...he challenged the other professionals and their partners - but Active Devon are challenging you! If you don't have a tennis racket and ball do not worry - improvise. You could use a frying pan and any old ball lying around...or make one out of scrunching up tin foil for example.


Bronze - 30 volleys

Silver - 60 volleys

Gold - 100 volleys


You don't even need a partner, you could always play volleys against a wall, like my Wheelchair Tennis playing friend that you may have seen on the Sport England adverts on TV!


ON TOP OF YOUR AWARD FOR THE VOLLEYS, ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE A 2020 WIMBLEDON TOWEL - They are very expensive towels and even I do not have one of these.  All of the information can be found at and when you are ready to submit your entry please visit


DEADLINE: 5pm Sunday 12th July - you have two weeks! That would have been Wimbledon Men's final day!


Good luck, have fun and stay safe! Please ensure you adhere to the current social distancing rules.


REMINDER: Boccia Sockia deadline is this Sunday 5pm (5th July).  There are prizes to be won!

Devon Virtual Games - Task 5: Creating a 7th Spirit of the Games Value

Monday 22nd June 2020

This task is a completely different type of task, one for everyone!


For those children that have ever represented the school at a Devon Games (and that is quite a few of you over the years) you will know that just like the Olympic Games, the athletes swear by a sporting oath.  In this oath, are the values that you must try hard to work at during your sport or activity.  They are 

  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Self Belief
  • Teamwork


During competition at the Devon Games, on top of competing at their sport, children can be given medals who show particular strength for any of the reasons written above.  Active Devon would like to add another value to make 7 in total.


All you need to do is get crafty and creative! Choose what your 7th value will be (you may want to link it to the struggles we have all faced during the pandemic) and then create a meaning for this value on whatever material you would like - be creative, think outside of the box. Simple ideas could include a poster, a sculpture or you could do a video presentation.  My ideas are rubbish - I am sure you could come up with something better.


All of the information you need can be found at and then when you are ready to submit your masterpiece, please visit


The deadline is 2 weeks - Sunday 5th July 2020.


Get involved and have lots of fun. 



Just a reminder that the deadline for Task 3: 'Tiktok Style' Dance is on Sunday at 5pm. I have seen some of the videos that some children have sent me and they are amazing!!! I have really enjoyed watching them.  The best thing is they can be performed through any dance style you like. Give it a try! There is also a reward for one lucky entrant across Devon! You have got to be in it to win it as Mr Burstow would say!

DEADLINE: TASK 2 (Sportshall Pentathlon)

Thursday 18th June 2020

The deadline for Task 2 Sportshall Pentathlon is Sunday 21st June 2020 at 5pm!  Unlike the Walk, Jog, Run Task, you can complete this whole task in less than an hour.  If you have not done it yet, please take the time to have a go and submit your entry by Sunday.  All of the information you need is at You can submit your entry here Good Luck! Please don't forget that your parents and carers will need to help you submit your work and Tammi Lethbridge is our school games officer for Q7. 


FOR EVERY SINGLE CHILD THAT ENTERS THEIR SCORE EACH WEEK, ACTIVE DEVON ARE HOLDING A LUCKY DIP DRAW FOR AN INDIVIDUAL PRIZE. LAST WEEK, ONE CHILD WAS RANDOMLY PICKED OUT OF THE HAT TO WIN A £25 AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER. This could be you this week.  All you have to do is have a go at the Sportshall Pentathlon and submit your entry by 5pm on Sunday - how easy is that? As Mr Burstow says in assembly - You have got to be in it to win it!


Well done to every South Brent child that entered Task 1. We had some unbelievable distances set with some going over the 60 mile mark. Wow! Thank you to all of the parents and carers that have supported the children to be the best they can be and to help submit their entries.  As a result, South Brent Primary School were the best school in the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership.  We also finished 3rd in the whole of Devon (over 800 children took part across Devon).  If we have aspirations of doing even better, you need to encourage your friends at school to give it a go too! See if we can be the top rated school in Devon next week by more children taking part! Have fun and good luck.

Virtual Games: Task 4 - Boccia Sock-ia

Monday 15th June 2020

The Boccia Sock-ia event has arrived! This is a really fun one. You can compete on your own but it is better to play alongside someone else from your household (or the whole family). The game Boccia is very similar to the popular game of Boules/Petanque that many families may have laying around in the garage! The format for this one is a little different. You will receive a certificate and medal if we win as a school.  To win as a school requires us all to work together, virtually! The school with the largest percentage of children taking part will win.  So, the more of us that enter, the better chance we have.  All of the information is available here


When you have played the game, please submit your entries here Don't forget that Tammi Lethbridge is our School Games Officer for Q7.


Please remember to adhere to the current social distancing rules.



The deadline for Task 2: Sportshall Pentathlon is this Sunday 21st June at 5pm.


Good Luck and have fun!

Virtual Games Task 1 Deadline

Thursday 11th June 2020

The entry deadline for Task 1 (walk, Jog, Run) is this Sunday 14th June at 5pm.  It is a strict deadline.  For those that want to enter, please make sure your entries are submitted by the deadline.


You will need calculate the miles that you have completed over the last three weeks.  The current highest from any South Brent child to my knowledge is 48.1 miles as of Wednesday evening.  This is an amazing achievement! However, it doesn't matter how far you have travelled, the more children that enter from South Brent the better.  Please use these last few days to clock up as many extra miles as you can.


Once you are ready to submit your entry, please go to enter your details into the webpage.  You will need help from parents and carers for this bit, so please ask them nicely and don't leave it until 4.55pm on Sunday before you tell them please.  For Q7, your answer is Tammi Lethbridge as she is our area School Games Officer - the lady many of you have seen at various events as well as the Devon Games handing out red T-shirts!


Don't miss your chance of certificates and medals for what you deserve!


If you have completed Tasks 2 and 3, you can enter these too but the deadline for these is a little far off for now.


Any questions, please seesaw message your teachers and they will get hold of me.


Good luck.

Virtual Games - Task 3: Create your own 'Tik Tok Style' Dance

Monday 8th June 2020

***Please Note*** There is no requirement to access Tik Tok, nor to have ever seen a Tik Tok dance before.


Dance is the theme for Task 3. Active Devon would like you to complete a video of no more than one minute in length to the song: 'Blinding Lights' by the band 'The Weeknd'.  You can complete the video on your own or with members of your family at home.  You can find the audio here:


All of the entry information is available here:  The dance's will be judged on 6 main criteria (10pts for each):

  • Choreography
  • Energy
  • Use of Space
  • Use of levels (using different heights)
  • Including a rainbow (Can be printed, make your own, face paints etc)
  • Overall Performance


Once your videos are complete please can your parents and carers help you to enter here:


Please make sure you adhere to any social distancing rules. Stay safe and have fun!



Walk, Jog, Run: The largest distance I am aware of any South Brent child completing as of Sunday 7th June at 16:00 is 40 miles. I know of two children that have already completed a marathon. That is AMAZING! Try and complete as many miles as you possibly can - you have one week left to enter your results.


Walk, Jog, Run: 14/06/20 5pm strict deadline

Sportshall Pentathlon 21/06/20 5pm strict deadline

Dance 28/06/20 5pm strict deadline

Virtual Games - Task 2: Sportshall Pentathlon

Monday 1st June 2020

The Virtual Games second task is now live. It has been named Sportshall Pentathlon.  This task comprises of five different activities which are all athletics based.  Most children will have done these activities, or very similar activities, in school before.  You can do them all in one go or spread them out over the next few weeks.  The deadline for entries is Sunday 21st June 5pm.  All of the information can be found at


Task 1 (Walk, Jog, Run) which was set last week is still ongoing for the next two weeks.  Both of these tasks will run alongside each other.  Sneaky tip for you all.  Why not include the distance you cover in the Sportshall Pentathlon running events in last week's Task 1 as well. The biggest distance set by any one child from South Brent that I am aware of is 17.5 miles as of Saturday evening (30.05.2020).  Can you try and overtake this distance?


We wish you the very best of luck, have fun and please adhere to the latest social distancing rules.   

Virtual School Summer Games

Summer 2020

The Summer Term is always a busy one when it comes to sport and PE and we would normally be looking forward to participating in the Devon Summer Games.  This year alone, we had already qualified in Athletics, Cross Country and Hockey but unfortunately these are now not a possibility.  Instead, Active Devon, who run these events, have created the first ever Devon Virtual Games. Over the duration of the Summer Term, a series of challenges will be set where children can compete towards achieving certificates and medals for their accomplishments.


The first activity is named 'Walk, Jog, Run'.  During the lockdown, most of us have been out on our daily exercise exploring new routes and areas that most of us didn't know were on our doorstep.  Well, Active Devon will now reward children for doing their daily activity.


Over the next few weeks, every time you go out for a family walk or jog, record the distance you travel.  It really doesn't matter how big or small each distance is as it all adds up.  Active Devon have set the strict deadline of 5pm on Sunday 14th June to submit your distances.  Children will be rewarded for the following distances:

Bronze - 20 miles

Silver - 30 miles

Gold - 40 miles.


How many miles can you clock up between now and then? You have 24 days until entries close. 


Once you have completed the challenge you have set yourself, please use this link to submit your entry before 5pm 14th June.  Please note that your parents will need to help you fill it in and for your reference, our School Games Organiser is Tammi Lethbridge of Dartmoor SSP for Question 7.


Please check out the video on the link below before you start and team South Brent wish you the very best. Keep us informed of your progress, we'd love to hear how you are getting on.


From 1st June, there will also be many more activities for you to have a go at...We will let you know

when they are active.  Here is the schedule for now.


  • Walk, Jog, Run Devon challenge – Event 1 (Monday 18th May)
  • Sportshall Pentathlon challenge – Event 2 (Monday 1st June)
  • Dance challenge – Event 3 (Monday 8th June)
  • Boccia-Sock-ia – Event 4 (Monday 15th June)
  • Get Creative challenge – Event 5 (Monday 15th June)
  • Andy Murray 100 Volley challenge – Event 6 (Monday 22nd June)




Mr Smith     

School Games - Platinum Award


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the School Games Platinum Mark Award for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years.


After achieving five gold School Games awards in succession, South Brent Primary School has qualified for the coveted ‘Platinum Award’ achieved by less than one per cent of schools in the UK.


The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of activity and competition across their school and into the community.


This is a national recognition for our achievements in school sport and dedication to promoting a healthy and active life style.  With so many of our pupils competing in local inter-school competitions and activity this year, we are extremely proud of their dedication to all aspects of school sport and activity, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made this possible.

Key Stage Two Sports Day 2019

Ventrus Sports Day

June 2019

On Monday 24th June, South Brent took a team of athletes to compete in the annual Ventrus Sports Day. Teams of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children competed in a number of different events including 60m hurdles, sprinting, long jump, a throw, skipping races, obstacle races, an 800m and finally sprint relays. Every single child gave their best and had a huge amount of fun. Many of our children won their events, including all three of our relay squads - their baton changeovers were nothing short of exemplary! The team effort resulted in South Brent being crowned Ventrus Sports Day Champions for the second year running! Well done everybody!

Cross Country County Finals

March 2019 (Devon Winter Games - Level 3)


South Brent took 20 Yr6 children to the Devon Winter Games to participate in the Cross Country County Finals.  The course was unforgiving in hot conditions but the children showed real determination and resilience to get over the finishing line and complete the 2000m course.  Although none of our squads finished in the medal positions, they gave everything they had against some excellent Cross Country runners! As well as the Cross Country, the children could try out some taster sports that Active Devon had organised.  These ‘taster sports’ are designed to give something new a try that we wouldn’t normally offer in School.  The children loved trying out Taekwondo and Fencing.  Well done to everyone who took part, the children did ever so well and were a real credit to the School and the Sports Partnership (the organisation we were representing).

Cyclo-Cross County Finals - 4th Position

March 2019 (Devon County Finals - Level 3)


On Monday, a coach from British Cycling visited our School to do some coaching with the Yr5/6 School Cyclo-Cross squad in preparation for the County Finals the following day.  The coach put the squad through their paces with some tough cornering and gear shifting up and down hill.  The squad took a few knocks along the way but it demonstrated that the children were showing determination and aggression ready for the real event.  The subsequent day, children took part in some gruelling races on the purpose made course at Haldon Forest.  The course was tight and included many features that the children had to navigate.  The children gave everything they had against some formidable opponents and finished an incredible 4th place.  Although they were devastated not to have brought home a medal, the squad performed to their very best and they should be very proud of their achievements! 4th best team in the County! Well done to everyone, it was such a great day of cycling.

South Brent Hosts Handball Festival

February 2019 (Totnes Learning Community Competition - Level 1)


All of the children in years 5 and 6 were due to take part in a Handball festival today, however the festival was cancelled due to the wet and windy conditions. Instead, the staff at South Brent decided to run the Handball festival themselves at our School. The teachers ran activities including dribbling, shooting and passing and it then finally came together with a game of spatial awareness combining many of those skills. All of these activities were performed in the hall, the yr6 classroom and the Den. We could not play in the ball court because the conditions weren’t safe. The children thought the morning was really fun with Ellie stating “I like the way we were with different people” and Ebony suggesting that she “liked the spatial awareness game as it was the most useful and fun”.


The children are looking forward to playing more Handball at events in the future. Please see some photographs below that I have taken of today’s Handball.


By Summer Yr6


CVL Basketball

February 2019 (Totnes Learning Community - Level 1 Competition)


The Basketball squads have been training throughout the Autumn Term in their early morning sessions with Rob and Donna.  This week was the first time they could apply their learnt skills in competition as South Brent entered five teams to the Central Venue League, held at KEVICC.  The children performed superbly with every squad scoring a basket throughout the afternoon.  Well done to all of the children, we look forward to seeing your development in the final league meeting in the Summer Term.  We'd like to thank Rob and Donna for their outstanding commitment to ensuring the children get the very best experience of Basketball possible.  Results will appear here when completed. 


South Brent competes at Netball Finals

February 2019 (Dartmoor School Sport Partnership - Level 2 Competition)


South Brent took two teams to this year's annual Partnership Netball Finals, again held at Stover School.  The children competed well against some very strong and well drilled school teams with the 'A' team finishing second out of five in their pool and the 'B' team securing third position in their group.  Both teams were up against the best two schools in the competition resulting in some respectable league positions.  It was also lovely to see some new faces representing school at a level 2 competition.  Well done to everyone who took part in the cold and wet conditions. 

LTA Tennis Roadshow Comes to South Brent

January 2019 (Independent Level 1 Opportunity)


The children in Foundation and Years 1-3 were visited by the Lawn Tennis Association this week.  Phil Leighton, the LTA coach that delivered the sessions, has visited so many schools up and down the Country in the nine years the roadshow has been running.  South Devon Tennis Centre in Ivybridge was the hub centre running the roadshow this time around. South Brent was one of the lucky primary schools chosen to participate after the club link work that was achieved at the end of last academic year.  All of the children that took part at school were treated to some high class coaching in multi skills, with and without a racket.


The children were then invited to the tennis centre over the weekend to develop these skills, again with Phil leading the session.  This included inflatables where children could test the speed of a serve as well as activities designed to improve hand-eye coordination.  Over 30% of the South Brent children that were coached in school attended these additional sessions in their own time.  Well done everyone, we hope you enjoyed all of the Tennis this week.  We would like to thank South Devon Tennis Centre and Phil at the LTA for the first class opportunities that they have provided our children this week. 

South Brent Take Home Bronze

December 2018 (Totnes Learning Community Competition - Level 1 and Dartmoor School Sport Partnership Finals - Level 2)


South Brent Primary School sent three Yr5/6 teams and one Yr3/4 team to the Totnes Learning Community Tag Rugby Finals.  All of the teams, who ranged massively in experience, played their games to a high standard with some superb supportive play for the ball carrier as well as resolute defensive displays.  Out of South Brent's four teams, two of them qualified as Winners and Runners Up to represent the Totnes area at the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership Finals (the best two teams from each area).  The Yr3/4 squad were reasonably new to Tag Rugby, experiencing the sport through their PE lessons at School.  They played superbly throughout the day and only missed out on making the semi finals on tries scored.  They eventually lost their 5th place final against Bradley Barton finishing a creditable 6th place overall.  The Yr5/6 squad were vastly experienced with many players playing for local clubs.  They topped their group, winning all of their games and faced Canada Hill Primary School in the semi final.  After a nail biting 5v5 draw, they eventually lost in extra time to a harsh awarding of a try, 5v6.  They dusted themselves down, deterred by the fact they did not want to go home without a medal, and won their bronze medal match 8v4 against OLSP from Teignmouth.  Well done to all of the players that have played for any of the four South Brent teams.  Well done.   

Dart Hockey Club Champions

December 2018 (Totnes Learning Community Competition - Level 1)


Three squads from South Brent took part in a four week Hockey league that was hosted by Dart Hockey Club, Totnes.  The children, who were varied in experience, demonstrated true grit and determination throughout the league fixtures making a huge improvement from week one to week four.  The league split in the final week into the cup and plate competitions.  The 'A' team qualified for the cup and both the 'B' and 'C' teams qualified for the plate.


The 'C' team, which consisted of players that were mostly new to the sport, worked their socks off and improved so much week on week.  Their defending at times, was superb, with last ditch tackles and awesome clearances denying the opposition the chance to score goals.  The 'B' team slowly grew together as a squad as time went on.  Their confidence and self belief slowly rose allowing them to play some wonderful hockey at times.  The 'B' team finished in style with a win and a draw to have the exact same record as The Grove B which resulted in them both sharing the plate.


The 'A' team started strong and didn't look back with a record of played 17, won 17! They demonstrated quality hockey over the four weeks with superb passing between the lines, switching play to and from either wing, and deadly penetration of the scoring 'D'.  The Grove A gave them a real close game in the final game but the strength of the squad came through with a 1v0 win to take home the cup title.  The league has been running for 9 years and it is the first time that a team has won all of its games without conceding a goal.


Well done to every player that has played, you really have done the school proud.