South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

The Eden Project

On Thursday 23rd March, the children in Years 3 and 4 set off for an adventure over the River Tamar to Cornwall and The Eden Project.  


After a brief introduction to The Eden Project with one of their educators, the children had an hour to explore the Rainforest Biome in small groups.  They were immediately struck by the heat and humidity of the biome.  The children loved spotting plants and flowers similar to the ones they had drawn and painted during their Henri Rousseau inspired artwork this term.  After a quick lunch, the children split into their classes for their afternoon workshops.


In their Rainforest Rangers workshop, Mrs Faulkner's class learnt how to survive in the rainforest before setting off to find plants that they could use for shelter, food and to harvest water in the rainforest. Mr Turner's class learnt about a variety of Puzzling Rainforest plants and how they have adapted to their environment before exploring the rainforest to find them. Both groups impressed The Eden Project educators with their geography and science knowledge.  


Highlights of the day included smelling the vomit fruit (noni), standing on the cloud bridge and seeing the rainforest crops that the children had learnt about during Fair Trade Fortnight, especially the cacao plant.


All of the accompanying adults commented on the children's enthusiasm, delight and excellent behaviour on the trip.  Well done!

School will be open again on Friday 3rd November 2023