South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Year 3 4 Roman Visitor

The Romans are coming!


Year 3  4 spent two days exploring life during the Roman occupation. The children examined artefacts of both the ancient Britons and the Romans. The experience was brought to life by our Roman expert Olly Martin.

The Challenge: To decide whether they would fight to retain their identity as members of the Dumnonii tribe, or to accept the new Roman way of life. Their experience culminated in a mock battle using Roman military tactics and formations (the Testudo and the Wedge), including the use of the shields the children had made in school. Olly was particularly impressed by the discipline of our Roman troops! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and engaged enthusiastically with the day’s learning. We hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of our two-day experience.

School will be open again on Friday 3rd November 2023