South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Bikeability Cycle Training

Year 3 4 Bikeability Cycle Training 


The children in Years 3 and 4 took full advantage of the opportunity to develop their cycling skills when they participated in the Level 1 Bikeability programme. The training was run by fully qualified instructors from the Plymouth Schools Partnership.


 In Level 1, some children learnt how to ride a bike while those children who could already ride, learnt to control and master their bike in a safe space away from traffic (the ball court). The children were put through their paces and taught how to set-off safely, maneuverer around obstacles, to signal to other road users and come to a safe stop. For those children who had already completed the Level 1 training in Year 3, additional challenges were set in order to challenge their cycling skills and keep them motivated.


All of the children who took part in the two levels of training had amazing fun and were successful in completing their programme. The instructors made the sessions accessible and great fun for everyone. They were very complimentary about the children who took part. In particular, their resilience, excellent manners and their ability to articulate their thoughts clearly.


School will be open again on Friday 3rd November 2023