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TT Rockstars, your CGP books, SATs papers

Friday 27th March

Two tasks today... start with your' terrific ten'.

Then, use what you have learned about 3d shapes and nets to create something Easter themed.You might choose to design a box/packaging for an Easter egg, a container in which you could put eggs during an egg hunt or even an Easter holiday home for the Easter Bunny! Be creative! Take a photo of what you come up with - I a trying to find a way for us to share some of our work. 


Picture 1

Thursday 26th March

Here's today's 'terrific ten' to get you warmed up!

Picture 1

Wednesday 25th March

Have a go at these terrific tens (I did it!) to check you haven't forgotten everything already!

Picture 1


 Good morning! Having revised your knowledge and understanding of 3d shapes and their nets, your task is to accurately draw (yes, using a ruler and actually measuring things!) the nets of three different 3d shapes. You could then cut them out and try to construct them. Remember to include tabs if you are going to build your shapes or you will have no way of sticking them together!


Try and do at least 15 minutes arithmetic practice - I'm working on getting the Terrific Tens sheets uploaded for you - bear with me! 


Take a picture of your finished shape.



Look at the uploaded powerpoint to help you revise what you know about 3d shapes. Complete the worksheet in your home learning books.

2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor