South Brent Primary School

South Brent Primary School

Key Stage 2

Year Six End of Year trip to Adrenalin Quarry

To celebrate the end of their time at Primary School the Year Six children spent the day on the aquapark at Adrenalin Quarry. They had a fantastic time and would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to the School Association for helping to fund the trip. 

Year Six Present The Wizard of Oz! 
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Picture 17 Weasling
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Picture 19 Weasling
Picture 20 Kayaking and Canoeing
Picture 21 Kayaking and Canoeing
Picture 22 Gorge Srambling
Picture 23 Gorge Srambling
Picture 24 Gorge Srambling
Picture 25 Gorge Srambling
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Picture 27 Cycling
Picture 28 Cycling
Picture 29 Climbing
Picture 30 Archery and Low Ropes
Picture 31 Archery and Low Ropes
Picture 32 Archery and Low Ropes
2019/20 - Year 3/4 enjoying a day with their Roman visitor